Grande Gusto® Cheese Alternative

All the Cheesy Goodness Without the Guilt


Macaroni and cheese and savory cheese fillings, sauces and soups are beloved by consumers as ultimate comfort foods, but they could do without the notoriously high sodium, fat and calories.

When cheesy formulations are made with Grande Gusto, an all-natural cheese alternative, consumers can have the best of both worlds. Because it’s a whey product derived from the cheesemaking process, it maintains (and actually improves) the taste, texture and mouthfeel of regular cheese, and:

  • Improves profits by reducing the use of cheese by up to 30%
  • Minimizes storage and handling requirements
  • Improves nutrition by reducing sodium, fat and calories
  • Is an all-natural, clean-label ingredient
  • Easily incorporates into existing food production systems
  • …and more!
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