Grande Gusto® Cheese Replacement Creates a Velvety Smooth Cheese Sauce

Grande Gusto tastes like cheese and produces the same rich mouthfeel as real melted cheese in creamy sauces. Why? Because it’s made as part of the traditional cheesemaking process. Like all our products, Grande Gusto is an all-natural, powdered whey ingredient made from Grade A dairy with no chemical modifications, additives, preservatives or antibiotics, and follows a strict chain of custody. Instead of a laundry list of artificial gums and starches, the ingredient statement for Grande Gusto simply reads Reduced Lactose Whey. Contains Milk.

Grande Gusto has advantages over regular and processed cheese because it requires no refrigeration and is shelf-stable for up to 18 months, bringing with it significant savings. Nutrition is also improved, allowing food manufacturers to reduce fat, calories and sodium. And in a large controlled study, participants actually preferred Grande Gusto’s taste and texture over regular American Cheese in a macaroni and cheese formulation.

Take a look at Grande Gusto’s product information sheet to learn more about this new, innovative ingredient, and contact us to request a sample.

Gusto cheese replacement for cheese sauces

Consumer Perceptions of Sodium

Consumers are intensifying their search for healthy foods, and sodium is coming under added scrutiny. So, how are food formulators to achieve a savory flavor that doesn’t have a chemical taste that turns them off – especially when it comes to their favorites, like creamy mac ‘n’ cheese?

Download our guide, Increased Consumer Demand for Reduced Sodium, to learn more.