We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation, this is an unprecedented time for everyone — and especially for food manufacturers that are trying to keep up with consumer supply and demand.

We are eager and able to continue supporting our customers, and we’re able to do that by staying true to Grande’s Mission and Culture:

  • Committed to Quality:  We are committed to providing all of our customers with a reliable, safe supply of our high-quality whey protein ingredients. We know that you rely on our products to provide consistent, high-quality food and beverages to consumers. Continued operations of all facilities to meet demand is the top operational priority for all Grande Associates.
  • Committed to Supply:  We are working very closely with our producer dairies and customers to understand any potential implications on supply and demand, ensuring that we are producing cheese and, ultimately, whey protein ingredients to meet all needs without disruption across the supply chain.   
  • Committed to Health:  The health and well-being of Grande Associates continues to be a top priority. We have put several policies in place, including restricting visitor access to all Grande facilities, increased hygiene practices that are above and beyond those currently recommended by the CDC, and additional precautionary measures.

This is our time to pull together as an industry and give back to the communities that have helped get us where we are today. We will continue to update this page as new information and ideas become available. 



For additional information about COVID-19, its impact and best practices for your organization, visit the following resources: