Avoid market volatility

Replace Volatile Ingredients

The market volatility of high-fat dairy ingredients, such as fresh cream, cheese and yogurt, makes it very difficult to manage profitability.

  • Grande Gusto is used to partially replace fresh or powdered cheese in soups and sauces to optimize nutrition and costs while staying true to the savory flavor and texture of cheese.
  • Grande Bravo can partially replace fresh dairy ingredients, allowing formulators to reduce fat and calories while still delivering a premium product, and also minimize price volatility.
  • Grande Primo can replace fresh yogurt and Greek yogurt to improve shelf life, minimize spoilage and even out costs while delivering the signature tang and texture consumer expect from a premium yogurt product.

Manufacturers successfully use our functional whey protein ingredients to partially replace cream, cheese, powdered cheese, cream cheese or yogurt in their formulations. By replacing these volatile ingredients with natural whey protein ingredients, manufacturers can stabilize their products’ profitability while avoiding concerns about supply chain disruption due to their readily available supply.


Increase Yields in Meat Applications

Another innovative way to optimize costs is to increase saleable volume. Producers of ground meat applications can increase yields by up to 5% by including Grande Festo in their formulations. This whey ingredient reduces fat purge and moisture loss at each stage of a meat product’s lifecycle: the key to maintaining the highest possible yield, flavor and texture. And, because it's not classified as a filler or binder, producers can maintain clean labels.

Enhance Beverages

The sports drink market is surging, and formulators can optimize their formulations by using Grande Ultra whey protein isolate (WPI) in ready-to-drink (RTD) or ready-to-mix (RTM) beverages. Get the clarity and functionality you need in a price-stable, readily available ingredient that helps minimize supply chain disruption and ensure consistent quality. 

Improve Protein Levels With a Crunch

Protein bars, meal replacement bars, snacks, granola, cereal and other applications can enhance protein levels while adding a light, clean, crunchy texture that consumers love. Grande WPCrisp® is superior to other forms of protein crisps for nutrition and functionality, requiring no masking agents or texture modifiers. 

Let Us Help Solve Formulation Challenges

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