Avoid market volatility

The market volatility of high-fat dairy ingredients, such as cream, cheese and butter, make it very difficult to manage profitability.

Grande Gusto is used to replace cheese in soups and sauces to optimize nutrition and profits while staying true to the savory flavor of cheese. Likewise, Grande Bravo can replace higher-cost dairy ingredients, allowing formulators to reduce fat and calories, and also lower ingredient costs.

Manufacturers successfully use our functional whey protein ingredients to replace all or some amount of cream, butter, cheese, fat, cream cheese, NFDM and even eggs in their formulations. By replacing these high-cost ingredients with natural whey protein ingredients like Grande Gusto or Grande Bravo, manufacturers can increase their products’ profitability by up to 50%, while also avoiding concerns about availability and market volatility.


How to Lower Ingredient Costs & Enhance Quality

Discover innovative ideas for reducing fat and calories, cleaning up labels, reducing costs, staying at the forefront of the latest food trends, and overcoming other application challenges with all-natural whey protein ingredients.