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wpcrisp_chocolate_chunk_berry_granola_barsAs the popularity of healthy snacks continues to rise, manufacturers are turning to Grande WPCrisp Whey Protein Crisp because it’s an excellent dairy-based protein source, offers an appealing crunchy texture, and lends only a clean, neutral flavor that complements the taste of a food’s primary ingredients. 

Certifications & Labeling

  • Patent 6,607,777
  • Kosher Dairy
  • Identity preserved starch (non-GMO) available upon special order


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Whey Protein Crisps vs. Plant-based Crisps

See a comparison of Grande WPCrisp with the leading soy, rice, and pea protein crisps in four different snack applications, with a rating of each protein source based on taste, texture, appearance, and protein quality.