We’re ready to solve your challenges

Food and beverage manufacturers rely on Grande Custom Ingredients Group as the go-to source for innovative ingredients that solve formulation challenges in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Creamy soups, sauces, dips and dressings
  • Cheesy sauces and dips
  • Premium ground and processed meats
  • High-protein beverages
  • Yogurt applications and frozen yogurt products
  • High-protein bars, snacks and confections
  • And more

The combination of specialty products with unique functionalities and the skills and expertise of our team is what makes us unique in the marketplace and highly valuable to R&D and production teams across the country.


Obsessed With Quality

Our focus on quality throughout the production process is over the top: we can say without a doubt that our dairy-based ingredients exceed the highest quality standards. A strict audit trail ensures traceability and food safety, and our collaborative in-house technical experts and food scientists help optimize formulations.



Reliable, Sustainable Supply Chain

Our line of natural, clean-label products are "upcycled" ingredients that are made using the highest quality milk in the industry from dedicated Grande producer dairy farms. Because we have complete control of the production process, from milk collection right through to shipping, customers can depend on a readily available, price-stable and reliable supply chain. 

Grande's Mission Statement

We combine a rich heritage with contemporary innovation to deliver wholesome, world-class ingredients that help elevate food products to new heights. Our mission is to build, through outstanding performance of value added strategies, a world-class dairy products trademark that generates the profits and capital necessary to reinvest in the future and the continuing process of fulfilling the commitments of our Culture.

Grande's Culture Statement

Grande’s Culture is based on pride in professional excellence, respect for rights of Associates, a commitment to strengthen the financial security of all dedicated Associates and the fulfillment of a purpose greater than ourselves.

Grande Social Responsibility Statement

Leveraging Grande’s longstanding Mission and Culture objectives, to nurture and support a holistically sustainable business model that positively impacts the world around us, thus continuing to achieve our most profound culture commitment... the fulfillment of a purpose greater than ourselves.

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