Maintain or improve texture of food

Grande Custom Ingredients Group features several clean label solutions that improve the texture and viscosity of numerous applications.

Cheesy Applications

When your goal is the smooth and indulgent texture found in cheesy soups and sauces, Grande Gusto is a go-to ingredient that partially replaces fresh or powdered cheese. It can reduce sodium by as much as 10% and actually scores higher than real cheese in controlled studies for flavor, creaminess and overall appeal.

Creamy Applications

Clean-label Grande Bravo can enhance the texture of soups, sauces, salad dressings, gravies, dips, spreads and more. It provides water-holding capabilities, adding texture, viscosity and a creamy mouthfeel to numerous dairy-based products. In some applications, Grande Bravo can reduce fat by 50% when partially replacing heavy cream while maintaining or, in most cases, enhancing the finished product. Alternative ingredients simply don't offer the same umami and mouth-coating characteristics that all-natural whey products provide, and certainly fail to impress clean-label consumers.

Grande Primo dried yogurt and cultured dairy products also offer indulgent textures in dressings and frozen confections, and can be used as a smooth coating on bars and snacks.

Processed Meat Applications

Grande Festo is an all-natural, clean-label ingredient that improves ground meat application quality, flavor and yield, allowing consumers to enjoy a quality eating experience. A trained panel scored meat products containing Grande Festo much higher for major sensory attributes compared to the control, including umami, aroma, savory flavor, juiciness, richness and overall quality. Its proprietary functionality won’t compromise the structure of the protein molecules, allowing for better overall mouthfeel and bite. Plus, it's not classified as a filler or binder.

Sports Beverages

Achieve superior clarity and minimize turbidity in ready-to-drink (RTD) and ready-to-mix (RTM) beverages with clean-label Grande Ultra whey protein isolate. It remains stable across a wide pH range and hydrates easily to create a smooth, appealing mouthfeel. 

Nutritional Bars & Snacks

Add a signature crunch to protein bars, meal replacement bars, snacks, cereals and more with Grande WPCrisp®. Its clean, neutral flavor and outstanding texture outperform alternative protein crisps while enhancing protein levels. Available in plain and cocoa flavor.


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