Maintain or improve texture of food

Grande Custom Ingredients Group developed several clean label solutions to improve the texture of many different food products.

When your goal is the smooth and velvety texture found in cheesy soups and sauces, Grande Gusto is your go-to alternative to fresh cheese. It improves nutrition and reduces sodium, and actually scores higher than real cheese in controlled studies for flavor, creaminess and overall appeal.

Grande Bravo can enhance the texture of soups, sauces, salad dressings, gravies, dips, spreads, bakery items and more. It provides water-holding capabilities, adding texture, viscosity and a creamy mouthfeel to numerous dairy-based products. In some applications, Grande Bravo can replace up to 50% of the fat in a food product while maintaining or, in some cases, enhancing the finished product.

Though starches, gums and other hydrocolloids could also be used to modify texture and viscosity, they simply don't offer the same umami and mouth-coating characteristics that all-natural whey products provide, and certainly fail to impress clean-label consumers.


A Guide to Successful Creamy Applications

Gain a deeper understanding of consumer preferences and the science behind why creamy applications can break down or lose viscosity. Also: tips for creating the creamy consistency consumers love – while ensuring clean nutritional labels.