The best whey to improve nutrition

The list of consumer demands for nutrition keeps growing. They not only want reduced fat and calories and more protein, but increasingly look for reduced sodium claims, clean labels and all-natural ingredients.

There's a Grande Custom Ingredients Group product that aligns with each of these desired health benefits.

Grande Gusto

Grande Gusto is an innovative whey ingredient that checks all the boxes — lower fat, calories and sodium — and is used to partially replace cheese or cheese powder in soups, sauces, fillings and other cheesy applications without compromising flavor or texture.

Grande Bravo

Grande Bravo improves nutrition in dressings, dips, fillings, soups, sauces, confections and a host of other applications. It reduces fat and calories when replacing a portion of heavy cream, cream cheese and other full-fat dairy.

Grande Ultra and WPCrisp

Grande Ultra and WPCrisp boost protein levels in beverages and snacks, respectively. For years, athletes and bodybuilders have used whey protein as a go-to supplement for losing weight, building muscle and getting the essential nutrients their bodies need. Today, as consumers strive to live healthier lifestyles, whey is their go-to ingredient because of its ability to enhance the protein content in everyday food and beverages without compromising flavor.

Grande Primo

Grande Primo dried yogurt replaces full-fat regular or Greek yogurt without the fat, and it can help boost protein levels. Yet it maintains the indulgent texture and tangy flavor consumers expect from a yogurt-based formula.

Grande Festo

Grande Festo is used in ground meat applications to help improve texture and flavor and increase yield. It appeals to clean-label consumers because it's a familiar ingredient that is not classified as a filler or binder.

Use Natural Ingredients

Made using a natural production process that features zero chemical modifications, additives, preservatives, antibiotics, or artificial colors, whey protein is a natural ingredient that can help food and beverage manufacturers meet consumer demands and clean-label initiatives.

When compared to other leading non-meat protein sources (e.g., casein, soy, pea and rice), whey is far superior in terms of protein quality, flavor and functionality, making it the ultimate ingredient for improving nutrition.

Let Us Help Solve Formulation Challenges

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