Settle the Fresh vs. Dried Yogurt Debate


When your application features yogurt as an ingredient, it can be difficult to distinguish whether fresh or dried yogurt is the best option. Take the guesswork out of the process and settle the debate once and for all with our Yogurt Comparison Chart, featuring all the information you need to know about the differences between fresh and dried yogurt, including:

  • Which types of application each is best for use in

  • Sensory and general performance information

  • Ingredients

  • Packaging/storage specifics

  • Nutritional profile

Our Grande Primoâ„¢ Y100 dried yogurt brings the rich taste and creamy texture of fresh yogurt to a variety of applications without any of the drawbacks, such as a limited shelf-life or strict handling requirements.

To find out more about whether fresh or dried yogurt is best for your specific application needs, simply fill out the form to download our Yogurt Comparison Chart.

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