Natural ingredients. Innovative solutions.

Food and beverage manufacturers that want innovative dairy-based ingredients to solve their unique formulation challenges in a wide variety of applications rely on Grande Custom Ingredients Group.

You can know that the ingredients you use are sustainable, nutritious, functional and ethically sourced. Our natural products are produced with Grade A milk from dedicated Grande producer dairies, and can be traced from collection to when the finished ingredients show up at your door. You can be assured that the ingredients you receive exceed the highest quality standards and contribute to your clean label initiatives.

Grande’s all-natural whey proteins can be used as a replacement for most artificial thickeners, starches and gums. They’re also ideal for improving nutrition, reducing fat and lowering costs when used as a replacement for premium dairy and eggs — all without compromising taste or texture.

When you combine your toughest formulation challenge with the expertise of our team and specialty ingredients, you’ll get a delicious, wholesome and economical product that appeals to today’s demanding consumer.

Explore which of the following innovative dairy ingredients is best suited for your application!


Grande Bravo

Replace costly, higher-fat ingredients while maintaining the product's natural mouthfeel, texture and flavor.



Obtain all the cheesy goodness, improve nutrition and reduce costs with reduced lactose whey.




Yogurt taste and texture for a variety of fresh and dry mix applications.



The best combination of clarity and flavor over a wide pH range available in a whey protein isolate.



A superior blend of nutrition, flavor, and texture.


Frequently Asked Questions

Eggs (whole eggs, egg whites, and liquid yolks), cream, NFDM, fresh yogurt, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, and butter are all examples of ingredients that can easily be replaced by our whey protein products.

At Grande Custom Ingredients Group, all of our whey protein products are made following a strict chain of custody and production process that uses zero chemical modifications, additives, preservatives, or antibiotics. This results in all natural whey protein products that can be used to help clean up your nutrition labels with ingredients that are recognizable by consumers.

In addition to lowering fat and calories, Grande whey protein products can also help you lower ingredient costs by replacing costly ingredients with lower, more stably priced whey protein. Not only is whey protein typically less expensive than fresh dairy and eggs, its price also remains incredibly stable over time—eliminating the need to reformulate due to unexpected ingredient price fluctuations.

Our whey protein products have no special inventory requirements and don’t require refrigeration, giving them better shelf life than most products made otherwise.

Grande Custom Ingredients Group takes the quality of our products and the health of your end consumers very seriously. This is why all of our whey protein products are available Kosher, Grade A, HALAL, and EU, and all of our plants are certified at SQF Level III.