Achieve Your Clean Label With Whey Protein

Formulate food and beverage products with consumer appeal

Consumers’ demonstrated interest in healthier, cleaner food and beverage options is shaping restaurant and manufacturers’ offerings.

What do consumers demand?

  • More superfoods
  • Fewer chemical additives and preservatives
  • A return to traditional food ingredients
  • Less salt, fat, and calories
  • More protein

What single ingredient can help manufacturers appeal to so many expectations? 

Whey Protein!

Download A Manufacturer’s Guide to Clean Label Formulations Using Whey Protein to learn more about whey protein’s… 

  • Centuries-old history as a traditional food
  • Excellent nutritional profile
  • Flavor-packed potential for reducing sodium in recipes
  • Versatility for use in foods and beverages
  • Ethical dairy farmers
  • And more!

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