Retain the Freshness of Sweet Baked Goods, Naturally

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Grande Durato delivers moist, chewy textures in a variety of sweet baked goods and helps maintain that freshness throughout their shelf life. 

Replace up to 100% of other powdered dairy ingredients in cookies, cakes, muffins, bars and pastries — ideal for frozen or fresh dough and dry mixes. 

With Grande Durato, sweet baked goods retain their just-baked freshness and indulgent quality for up to a week, increasing consumer appeal and reducing waste.


Key Product Attributes

  • Improves moist texture and mouthfeel
  • Retains just-baked freshness throughout the product’s lifecycle
  • Replaces up to 100% of powdered dairy in formulations
  • Clean flavor
  • Clean-label whey protein concentrate
  • Shelf-stable
  • 18-month shelf life
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Durable and easily incorporated into existing food production systems



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Certifications & Labeling

  • SQF Certifications for Food Safety and Quality
  • USDA
  • EU
  • Kosher Dairy
  • Halal
  • Ingredient statement: “Whey Protein Concentrate. Contains Milk.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Durato is a proprietary whey protein concentrate that was formulated with sweet bakery in mind. Derived from the cheesemaking process, We spray dry the whey to remove water without the use of chemicals, resulting in a clean-label manufacturing process.

Grande Durato helps retain moisture, allowing for more indulgent textures in sweet baked goods. It also results in higher rise and less spread when baking, improving visual appeal. One of its greatest attributes is its ability to maintain freshness, helping to retain fresh-baked quality for days.

At Grande Custom Ingredients Group, all of our products are made following a strict chain of custody and production process that uses zero chemical modifications, additives, preservatives or antibiotics. These all-natural and sustainable products are recognized and accepted by consumers.

Keeping sweet baked goods fresher for longer increases consumer appeal and can reduce waste. Durato has reliable availability and stable pricing to help eliminate supply chain issues and volatile market prices. Because Durato is a dry ingredient that is shelf-stable and requires no refrigeration, it helps to minimize energy use, storage costs and spoilage.

Grande Durato is ideal for a variety of sweet baked goods applications, including cookies, muffins, bars, cakes, pastries and similar products. It incorporates easily into existing food systems.

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