Top Food and Beverage Trends Incorporating Greek Yogurt

Food-Beverage-Trends-Greek-Yogurt.jpgThe top foods trends of 2017, compiled by various researchers, show a shift in consumer behavior. Increasingly, consumers are moving away from merely reading fat grams and calorie counts and are demanding “clean labels” with ingredients they recognize and can pronounce. Trends show they want to make food choices that they believe will make them healthier, but don’t want to sacrifice taste in the process. Moreso, consumers are willing to pay a premium for these products.

Perhaps that’s why yogurt ranks as one of the top 10 super foods to watch this year right up there with ancient grains, kale, hemp and chia.

The Rise of Greek Yogurt

Americans spend more than $3.7 billion dollars on Greek yogurt each year, making up half of the U.S. yogurt market. That’s up from only a 4 percent share back in 2008. Shoppers have flocked to the refrigerated dairy sections of grocery stores in search of this healthy protein-rich food.

The demand for Greek yogurt is expected to increase in the next five to six forecast years, and food manufacturers are reformulating many of their products as a result. But incorporating perishable dairy products into applications is often challenging due to short shelf life, storage and refrigeration considerations, the risk of contamination and required permits. Many are benefiting from the advantages of dried Greek yogurt powder as an alternative while still meeting consumer demands for healthy ingredients and clean labeling.

It’s clear—Greek yogurt isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Here are some innovative ways that manufacturers are incorporating it into applications at restaurants and on grocery store shelves:

Creative Condiments

Sauces and dips are trending,  and dried Greek yogurt powder lends a robust flavor profile to many recipes. Restaurant menus are returning to classic dishes with a twist, emphasizing savory flavors and texture.


Protein shakes and smoothies continue to rank high among consumers. Adding dried Greek yogurt powder adds protein-rich flavor, and its water-holding functionality creates a rich, creamy texture.  


Consumers are also expected to reach for more protein-rich snacks as they remain mindful of athletic activity and weight management. Food manufacturers are formulating crunchy snack mixes, bars, bar coatings and other snack applications using dried Greek yogurt powder. Its clean, neutral flavor complements other ingredients and is nonfat.


Classic creamy soups remain popular, with a surprising rise in fruit soups—a perfectly refreshing pairing with the authentic flavor of Greek yogurt.

Frozen Foods

Frozen novelties remain popular, and sales prove that adding protein can turn around declining categories like frozen appetizers. Watch for manufacturers to incorporate protein-rich alternatives like Greek yogurt into their frozen applications. Freezing fresh dairy can affect its texture, so they’re turning to dried Greek yogurt powder because of its freeze-thaw stable properties.

The demand for wholesome products never goes out of style. Food manufacturers can meet consumer demand and benefit from Greek yogurt’s continual increased popularity, while solving for manufacturing challenges, by including Grande PrimoTM G60 in their formulations.

To learn more about how to achieve authentic yogurt taste and texture without the challenge of using perishable fresh yogurt, view our helpful Primo Product Information Sheet.

Dried Yogurt & Cultured Dairy Product Sheet