5 Great Uses for Dried Yogurt Powder

Great Uses for Yogurt Powder

Fresh yogurt is a popular ingredient for health-conscious consumers, and sales are expected to continue climbing for the foreseeable future. But many food manufacturers find it challenging to incorporate yogurt into their formulations because it requires a specific type of permit, has a relatively short shelf life, and has risks of contamination that other products don’t.That's why, when dried yogurt powders first came on the market, there was a lot of excitement around the fact that food and beverage manufacturers finally had a way to make yogurt claims on their labels without needing to use fresh yogurt in their formulations. When stored properly, dried yogurt powder can last up to 20 times longer than its fresh alternative.

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But are there limitations to using dried versus fresh yogurt? To the contrary, dried yogurt powder opens up a myriad of opportunities for food manufacturers. Initially it was used in “no-brainer” applications, such as coatings for snacks and in smoothie mixes, but manufacturers looking to address the growing demand are venturing beyond the ordinary to add the unique flavor profile to a variety of products.

Here are just some of the innovative ideas many food manufacturers are taking advantage of with dried yogurt powder:

1. Yogurt Dips

Yogurt adds a fresh taste to dips for crackers, vegetables and fruit. Food manufacturers, however, need to consider the water-holding capabilities of the dried yogurt powder they choose to ensure that it also improves the texture of these and other products.

2. Salad Dressings

Gone are the days of Grandma’s basic potato salad; consumers are looking for big flavors and unique combinations. Yogurt added to potato salad bases can add a signature flavor consumers will come back for. Grande Primo adds the same flavor and creaminess to dressings used for traditional salads. Imagine pairing the creaminess and tart flavors of yogurt with avocado, roasted garlic, cucumber or tarragon, or combine it with the perennial favorite, Greek Goddess dressing.

3. Bakery

Simple snack cakes like banana nut and cranberry have a greater depth of flavor when dried yogurt powder is added to the formulation. The tartness is a great complement to the sweetness of bananas and most any other fruit. Formulators can substitute some or all of the butter, oil and other fat-laden ingredients in a recipe without facing many of the complexities of using fresh yogurt.

4. Beverages

Easily consumable and refreshing yogurt beverages have been developed due to its adaptable flavor properties and unique texture. Dried yogurt powder can be formulated into a range of beverage applications including breakfast drinks, sports energy beverages or just a refreshing pick-me-up. With the growth of protein-rich beverages, dried yogurt powder becomes an ideal ingredient choice.

5. Soups

Rich, creamy soups feature an even richer, bolder flavor when yogurt is added. Carrot, leek, pumpkin and root vegetable soups are all varieties that benefit from the unique taste of yogurt. 

Choosing the Right Dried Yogurt Powder

When choosing which dried yogurt powder to use in various applications, there are considerations that food manufacturers must keep in mind. To appeal to consumers and clean-label trends, products should be labeled as “natural dairy” and USPH Grade A Kosher Dairy. Additional considerations include whether the ingredient choice is USDA and EU certified.

Not all dried yogurt powders can make these claims. One that can, however, is Grande Primo® — real, dried yogurt that meets the labeling requirements for yogurt. A product label containing this proprietary ingredient can read: “All-natural whey protein concentrate, non-fat dry milk, yogurt, cultures heat treated.”

Be sure to check out the Yogurt Comparison Chart to see how Grande Primo gives you all the flavor without the challenges that fresh yogurt presents in your manufacturing facility. For even more innovative uses, check out our previous article

Grande Custom Ingredients Group, the makers of Grande Primo, isn’t just a manufacturer of innovative dairy-based ingredients; we’re a team of food scientists and specialists that work closely with customers to develop solutions to formulation challenges and to help develop new products. To learn which applications are best suited for dried yogurt powder, performance information, nutritional profiles, storage considerations and more, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our food scientists

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