What Little Miss Muffet and Athletes Have in Common

Curds_and_Whey.jpg“Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey…”

Do you remember this nursery rhyme? Since its original publishing date back in 1805, Little Miss Muffet has been enjoying her curds and whey the same way for more than 200 years. And while we know “curds and whey” better as cottage cheese these days, the natural production process for making it has changed very little. Today, whey is made with many of the same techniques that were used in the early 19th century, which don’t include any chemical modifications or additives.

In fact, whey’s natural production process isn’t the only things it has going for it – it also comes with a variety of health benefits, including appetite and weight regulation and blood sugar control. It’s easy to see why Little Miss Muffet made it her snack of choice, and why athletes love its sports nutrition benefits as well.

For consumers who want to get in on what athletes have known for years and enjoy the natural, nutritional benefits that whey has to offer, Grande Custom Ingredients Group, innovators of dairy-based food ingredients, has a full line of whey protein products to complement almost any application.

Take Grande Bravo® functional whey proteins, for example. Our extensive line of whey protein concentrates feature distinct textural properties that enable the replacement of several high-fat, high-cost ingredients such as cream, butter, fat, and cream cheese – all while maintaining (or enhancing) your application’s original mouthfeel, texture, and flavor. Grande Bravo’s unique water-holding capabilities make it the ideal product to reduce fat and improve texture in your soups, sauces, spreads, dips, dressings, and more, and comes in multiple flavor profiles to better match your original product’s taste.

Grande Bravo Functional Characteristics

Think whey protein is only beneficial for food applications? Think again! Beverage manufacturers can harness the power of whey protein in their drink applications, too, with Grande Ultra® Whey Protein Isolate. Our whey protein isolate is ideal for adding protein to beverage applications where clarity and/or a very clean flavor is desired and it provides the best combination of clarity and flavor over a wide pH available in a whey protein. Take a look at how it stacks up against competitors when it comes to turbidity in ready-to-drink beverages:

Turbidity vs. pH in RTD Beverages

At Grande Custom Ingredients Group, our whey protein products are free of any additives, preservatives, colors, or chemical modifications, and are made with Grade A, natural ingredients. The only thing we’ve changed since Little Miss Muffet’s time is the machinery and technology used to produce the whey, which mainly helps us maintain a consistent level of quality and safety.

To learn more about our natural whey protein products and how they can benefit your food or drink applications, please use our applications page or contact one of our food scientists today!

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