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The Foodie Revolution: Attracting and Appealing to the Growing Foodie Segment

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Attracting and Appealing to the Growing Foodie SegmentAccording to Google Trends, the term “foodie” first started appearing online in early 2005. 10 years – and millions of Instagram pictures & Yelp reviews – later, however, foodies have cemented themselves as a mainstream consumer group.

What Exactly is a “Foodie”?

While there are hundreds of ways to describe a foodie, in their most basic definition, foodies can be defined as consumers who are deeply interested in exploring the world of food. Whether this means an increased desire to try new dishes, regularly seeking out specialties, a love for all things all-natural, or constantly staying up-to-date on the latest food and restaurant trends, when it comes to food, foodies are obsessed. And to fuel their obsession, foodies will go to great lengths to find the best food they can.

Why You Should Care

With many of today’s consumers being more adventurous with their food choices, food manufacturers and restaurants need to acknowledge the growing demand for high-quality, uniquely delicious foods and memorable food experiences. Packaged Facts recently-released report, Foodies in the U.S.: Opportunities for Restaurants and Retail, 2nd Edition, reveals that 12% of the adult population (approx. 29 million people) can be described as “Trendsetter Foodies.” In other words, consumers are becoming more passionate about their food, are willing to pay more for specialty products, and have a strong desire to try new things.

What You Should Do About It

In order to capitalize on this valuable consumer segment, there are several strategies food manufacturers and restaurants can use to win over foodies everywhere:

  • Go gourmet. According to the Packaged Facts report above, foodies are much more interested in gourmet foods than the average consumer. In fact, more than half of foodies like to eat gourmet food whenever they can, as opposed to less than a quarter of average adults. Make your products more gourmet by using and highlighting more high-quality, natural, and specialty ingredients.
  • Don’t just target Millennials! Though Millennials might make up the majority of the foodie segment, accounting for 36% of all “Trendsetter Foodies,” older generations aren’t far behind with Boomers representing a healthy 32%.
  • Go green. With today’s consumers being more health-conscious about the things they eat, even non-foodies are more interested in trying the latest health food trends. By using more natural ingredients in your foods, you’ll win over both foodies and everyday, health-conscious consumers.
  • Promote superfoods. When it comes to health food and foodies, there’s nothing better than finding a food that tastes amazing and is also equally great for you. Known as “superfoods,” these culinary wonders are highly sought after by consumers (especially foodies), and are known to have the Midas Touch effect when incorporated with other products.

How Grande Custom Ingredients Group Can Help

Though you might not associate whey protein products with foodies, our innovative line of natural, dairy-based whey protein ingredients can help food manufacturers and restaurants create a variety of healthy and gourmet dishes that will capture the attention of foodies everywhere. Our patented whey production process starts with fresh Grade A milk gathered from our local producer dairy farms, and uses zero chemical modifications, additives, preservatives, or antibiotics throughout. And while you might think our whey protein is simply formulated to increase the protein content of your foods, guess again! Our natural whey protein ingredients don’t just improve the nutrition of your food; our line of products are specially formulated to maintain or improve the texture, mouthfeel, and even taste of your foods.

Want to learn more about how Grande Custom Ingredients Group can help your brand create more decadent desserts, creamy gourmet soups, and more of the foods foodies love? Check out our application page for a list of applications and benefits to find out just how whey protein can help your brand appeal to health-conscious foodies.


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