How is Functional Whey Protein Concentrate Made? (Video)


There are multiple forms of whey protein ingredients on the market, each appealing to a variety of food manufacturers and consumer groups for their unique applications.

Just as there are many forms of whey protein, there are different methods used to manufacture the products. While the vast majority of whey protein originates from cow’s milk, the process it goes through to get to its final concentrate form can vary from one manufacturer to the next.

Why does it matter? Food manufacturers that are committed to providing clean labels, all-natural ingredients and a safe and sustainable chain of custody need to be assured that the nutritional whey protein products they include in their formulations can meet those strict standards.

Watch the video to learn how Grande Bravo® functional whey protein is made and why it differs from highly processed commodity whey proteins.


The primary source of whey protein in our Grande Bravo products all starts with the milk. Here at Grande Custom Ingredients Group, we buy some of the highest quality milk in the world, and we’ll make white Italian cheese with those products. We then take our whey byproduct and develop our whey protein products for our Grande Bravo line.

The process is an all-natural process where there aren’t any chemical modifications that go along with it. It’s really about a physical modification and a concentration process to get to a final product that’s very similar to the proteins that are provided from the cow.

Having the benefit of manufacturing white Italian cheese (in our own facilities) means that we don’t need to bleach our whey protein products, whereas some other products such as cheddar cheese and other cheeses actually use annatto to color the cheese. Our white Italian cheeses, such as mozzarella and provolone products, don’t use any annatto. This means there’s no additional steps required to bleach the whey protein. When a bleaching process happens, it can impact flavor and the final functionality of the product.

To learn more about the unique properties and applications of Grande Bravo and other functional whey protein products from Grande Custom Ingredients Group, reach out to one of our food scientists today.

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