Innovative Types of Whey Protein Concentrates in Food Formulations

reduced-lactose-whey-gustoSay the words “whey protein” and most consumers automatically envision a giant tub of protein powder used by fitness enthusiasts. Food scientists and R&D teams know, however, that various forms of whey protein are included in food formulations as a way to improve functionality and optimize costs.

Because whey protein has been a staple ingredient since the dawn of cheese, some formulators overlook its potential to revolutionize their applications. Some may even consider it an “old” ingredient that doesn’t have anything new to offer.

The truth is, innovation is alive and well among some whey protein manufacturers, and assumptions about what it can or can’t do for a formulation may be outdated and shortsighted. Whey protein ingredients in their various forms can do a lot more than help replace volatile dairy ingredients or improve nutrition. 

Let’s take a look at different types of functional whey protein powders along with their benefits and ideal applications, and how products offered by Grande Custom Ingredients Group stand out from commodity whey proteins.

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Types of Functional Whey Protein Ingredients

Grande Bravo Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) is between 25-80% protein. The remaining portion is made up of fat, lactose, and minerals. Despite its protein levels, its nutritional benefits often come by way of reduced fat and calories in applications when replacing high-fat dairy, where it also provides numerous functional benefits.

Applications: Creamy soups, sauces, dips, dressings, fillings and spreads

  • Partially replaces heavy cream and cream cheese
  • Builds viscosity and mouthfeel
  • Reduces syneresis and blowout
  • Delivers a clean, neutral dairy flavor
  • Reduces fat and calories
  • Self-stable

Grande Gusto Reduced Lactose Whey

Reduced lactose whey (RLW) produced by Grande Custom Ingredients Group undergoes proprietary physical processing to remove the lactose. These ingredients take on unique functionalities to provide value in cheese sauces and soups and can replicate the velvety textures and salty notes of fresh cheese due to its high mineral content. It can also deliver lower fat, calories and sodium when replacing fresh cheese in a formula. Commodity RLW does not provide such functionalities.

Applications: Cheese sauces, soups, fillings and powdered cheese products

  • Partially replaces cheese, processed cheese and cheese powder
  • Builds viscosity and mouthfeel
  • Reduces syneresis and blowout
  • Enhances cheesy flavors due to its high mineral content
  • Reduces fat, calories and sodium
  • Shelf-stable

Grande Festo Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

Hydrolyzed whey protein, sometimes called whey protein hydrolysate (WPH), undergoes a proprietary physical process. The result is one of the most highly digestible forms of whey protein. Most are familiar with the form of hydrolyzed whey protein used in sports nutrition. 

However, not many food scientists know that incorporating it into meat products and meat spice blends can improve juiciness, tenderness, savory flavors and saleable volume without the use of fillers or binders. A little Grande Festo goes a long way to increase yields by up to 5%; it truly is unique in the marketplace, doing what no other hydrolyzed whey protein can do.

Applications: Processed meats, sausages, meatballs, meatloaf, etc.

  • Include in meat products to improve moisture and fat retention
  • Include in meat spice blends
  • Enhance umami flavors
  • Increase yield up to 5%
  • Not categorized as a filler or binder

Grande Ultra Whey Protein Isolate

Whey protein isolate (WPI) is produced by further concentrating WPC, removing most of the fat and lactose. It is at least 90% protein and highly desirable for sports nutrition applications.

Applications: Clear RTD sports beverages and drink powders

  • Clean, neutral flavor
  • Easily dissolves
  • Helps maintain clarity and reduce turbidity
  • Increases protein levels

Grande WPCrisp Whey Protein Crisps

Whey protein crisps are high in protein and are used in applications where a crunchy texture is desired.

Applications: Protein bars, cereals, snacks, etc.

  • Crunchy texture
  • Clean, neutral flavor — available in cocoa flavor
  • Increases protein levels

Unique Whey Proteins, Unique Whey Protein Manufacturer

Innovators in the food and beverage industry rely heavily on these forms of whey protein to improve their formulations. Grande Custom Ingredients Group's extensive line of proprietary whey protein ingredients maintain consistent quality, deliver unrivaled functionality and are price stable, allowing food and beverage manufacturers to more accurately forecast profits.

Isn’t it time for a fresh, new look at whey protein? See just how innovative and functional our ingredients can be. Contact our collaborative team of experts to talk through your toughest formulation challenge today. Also, download our helpful Guide to Creamy Applications below highlighting additional functional properties.

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