International Labeling Trends & Functional Whey Protein’s Role

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The United States has led the charge in the clean label movement, prompting many international markets to embrace more transparent packaging. As part of an ongoing process, Mexico finalized its updated regulations for improved ingredient labeling and nutrition claims.

These updates impact more markets than just the sponsoring country, however. Such regulations often create a waterfall effect where others inevitably follow suit. 

Strategic and proactive food and beverage manufacturers in Southeast Asia and Central and South America can get ahead of the curve by positioning their products as a solution to clean label movements

Functional whey protein ingredients are an ideal solution for cleaning up labels in these regions by complying with current and forthcoming regulations. Mexico isn’t alone; other international markets have or likely will consider implementing similar labeling requirements.

International Labeling Trends

Mexico’s updated labeling requirements are being implemented in phases, with the second phase scheduled for October 1, 2023.

Phase One: Oct. 1, 2020 – Sept. 30, 2023

  • New front-of-package warning symbols and statements
  • Updated list of allergens
  • Added sugars grouped by weight and trans fats as mandatory label nutrients
  • Modified declarations requirements for voluntary nutrients
  • Notification of caffeine and sweeteners on labels
  • Changes to label formats

Phase Two: Oct. 1, 2023 – Sept. 30, 2025

  • Warning symbol for excess calories in liquids (≥ 70 calories total or ≥ 8 calories from added sugars 
  • Warning symbol for excess sugars in liquids (less than 10 calories from added sugars will no longer be exempt) 
  • Warning symbol for excess sodium in solids (≥ 300 mg total or ≥ 1 mg per calorie)
  • Product packaging exceeding these thresholds cannot have any character, games, celebrity photos, athletes or any other graphics directed at children

Phase Three: On and after Oct. 1, 2025

  • Processed foods and non-alcoholic beverages exceeding phase two thresholds must contain supplementary nutritional information on the front of package
  • Warning signs will be applied to products based on the following: 
    • Sugar-added products containing monosaccharides and disaccharides plus natural sugars such as honey, syrups, fruit or vegetable juices 
    • Fat-added products with added vegetable fats, animal fats, partially hydrogenated vegetable fats or products and ingredients containing fats
    • Sodium-added products that use any salt containing sodium or any other ingredient containing sodium salts

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How Functional Whey Proteins Help Solve Regulatory Challenges

Clean-label functional whey proteins from Grande Custom Ingredients Group come in many forms and can help overcome a wide range of formulation challenges. These innovative, natural dairy ingredients deliver benefits beyond regulatory compliance, helping to improve texture, flavor, yield and nutrition. 

Reduce Fat & Calories 

Applications: Creamy soups, dressings, dips, spreads and sauces

  • Grande Bravo® functional whey protein concentrate partially replaces heavy cream to reduce calories in white cream sauces by up to 33% and fat by 44%. When replacing cream cheese, calories are reduced by up to 10% and fat by 28%
  • Grande Gusto® reduced lactose whey partially replaces fresh, powdered or processed cheese, reducing fat by up to 25% and calories by 10%
  • Grande Primo® dried yogurt & cultured dairy products bring the authentic taste and indulgent texture of regular or Greek yogurt to applications while reducing fat and calories. It can also increase protein levels

Reduce Sodium

Applications: Creamy soups, dressings, dips, spreads and sauces

  • Grande Gusto® reduced lactose whey can reduce sodium by up to 10% when partially replacing fresh or processed cheese

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Eliminate Fillers & Binders

Applications: Ground and processed meats, sausages, patties, meatballs, etc.

  • Grande Festo® hydrolyzed whey protein is not classified as a filler or binder and can help boost yields up to 5%, plus it can minimize off flavors introduced by injected vegetable fats or soy proteins 

We Specialize in Nutritional, Clean Label Solutions

Our team of experienced food scientists and formulators is here to help you tackle labeling and nutrition challenges while also delivering the functionality you demand to ensure premium flavor and texture. Let’s talk.

Many international distributors and company representatives will also look for solutions to their labeling challenges at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) annual IFT FIRST: Event and Expo July 16–19, 2023 in Chicago. If you’re among them, stop by booth #S2850 to talk with one of our specialists. We’ll have product samples and information to demonstrate just how functional, nutritious and versatile our ingredients are. You’ll taste and see firsthand why they’re preferred by consumers and formulators alike.

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