How to Improve Nutrition With Clean Label Solutions

Reading label at grocery store

Having transparency about the ingredients that make up many popular food items is a growing concern for consumers. Baby Boomers are leading the clean label trend, along with all their purchasing power. Concerns about overall health are causing consumers to take more interest in nutrition labels - and what do they want to find? Ingredients they recognize and can pronounce.Coupled with the staying power of the clean label movement, the negative perception associated with using thickening agents and gums in processed foods are causing food manufacturers and consumers alike to seek alternatives. Gelling agents such as carrageenan, agar and others are among them, and they’re commonly found in dressings, frozen desserts, cream cheese, frosting, dips, spreads, sauces and cream-based soups.

The Challenge

While some of the thickening agents allow for food manufacturers to promote their products as “natural,” the way in which those agents are processed leaves many questioning those claims, and they have yet to become mainstream as recognizable ingredients to most consumers.

The challenge for many food manufacturers is reformulating their products to include truly natural ingredient alternatives without compromising the viscosity, mouthfeel and taste their loyal consumers have come to expect. Meeting these demands while also maintaining a sustainable profit margin only adds to the dilemma. And most natural thickeners such as eggs, cream, oil and butter are costly, require special handling, have limited shelf lives, and, of course, come with much higher fat contents.


Controlled Testing Reveals a Natural Solution

Grande Bravo functional whey protein concentrate is a recognized ingredient for most consumers and can be promoted as an all-natural texture modifier. However, not all whey protein ingredients are created equal. A controlled side-by-side testing video shows that using Grande Bravo® functional whey protein versus a common commodity whey protein concentrate provides the superior functionality and water-holding capabilities that food manufacturers are seeking. Grande Bravo can be used to reduce or replace artificial or highly processed thickening agents and offers a rare combination of benefits.

Several popular applications were reformulated using Grande Bravo® and the results revealed fewer calories and fat, reduced need for high-cost ingredients, and maintained or improved viscosity. Here are just a few of the comparisons showing improvements with Grande Bravo®:

Macaroni and Cheese

  • 10% less calories
  • 14% less total fat
  • 30% less cheese
  • Overall consistency was thicker and more appealing

Nacho Cheese Dip

  • 20% less fat
  • 30% less cheese
  • Maintained creamy consistency and mouthfeel

Cream Cheese

  • 28% less fat
  • Superior appearance and texture than high-fat version

Staying on the leading edge of the clean label trend is important for food manufacturers that want to increase market share and attract a growing segment of consumers. If you’re ready to explore how Grande Bravo® can enhance your products with all-natural whey protein and offer cost savings, reach out to us. Our team of experienced food scientists will work closely with you to develop an ideal solution.  


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