Why Mainstream Vegetable Proteins Are No Match for Whey

Over the past couple of years, America has witnessed a growing trend towards consuming more alternative protein options. Though the standard whey and soy protein products are still the top choices for non-meat proteins, other sources like rice, pea, chia, and quinoa are slowly becoming mainstream options themselves. With Americans continuing to become more and more health conscious about the foods they eat, it’s no surprise that these low-calorie, high-protein options are slowly making their way onto the healthy food bandwagon. 

Unfortunately for consumers, however, calories aren’t the only thing that’s lacking from these alternative protein sources. When compared to whey protein, it’s clear that these other options just don’t stack up to the high protein value of their competitor. Not only do most alternative protein sources lack at least one of the nine essential amino acids (whey has all nine), they also don’t have the same quality and amount of protein as whey. Take a look at this protein comparison chart, for example:

describe the imageQuinoa - 83 BV, 2.7 PER, 87 PDCAAS, Lysine*

As you can see, though these alternatives are indeed a source of protein, nothing compares to the quality of whey – especially the whey that comes from our state-of-the-art cheese production facilities.

In addition to whey being superior in protein quality and quantity, it’s also recognized as the better tasting option. Whey is known to have a clean, complementary taste when added to any ingredients, while vegetable proteins are known for having a distinct bitter, musty, and earthy taste when processed into protein concentrates and isolates. In order to mask these flavors food scientists must create special formulations of sweeteners and other flavors that cover up the taste. Not only will this make your alternative protein solution more expensive, it can also take away from the “naturalness” of your product.

That being said, whey protein should always be your go-to option when looking for a protein solution that’s the highest quality available. In fact, at Grande Custom Ingredients Group, we’ve developed an entire product line of high-quality whey protein solutions for use in all different kinds of applications. From soups to salad dressings, crispy snacks to smoothies, our whey protein ingredients can enhance the nutritional value of your product and lower the ingredient costs, all while maintaining the same great texture, look, and flavor that your customers are accustomed to.

Want to learn more about how you can use Grande’s whey protein solutions to lower your ingredient costs and fat content – without changing the taste? Check out our online applications page or contact one of our food scientists today!


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