6 Reasons Why Food Manufacturers Should Be Using Whey Protein

Reading_Nutrition_LabelThese days, consumers are always looking for ways to live healthier lifestyles. From using personal activity trackers to paying closer attention to labels in the grocery store, consumers have made it clear that their desire for achieving optimal health is much more than just a passing fad.

Food manufacturers are well aware that fortifying products with protein is a surefire way to please the masses, and there’s simply no better “whey” to do so than with whey protein. In fact, here are 6 different reasons why food and beverage manufacturers should be using whey protein:

1. Consumers Demand It!

According to recent NPD research, one-quarter of US adults say they look for protein information on a product’s nutrition label, up from 18% in 2004. In addition, 78% agree that protein contributes to a healthy diet, and more than half of US adults say they want more of it in their own diets. With consumers looking to sustain healthier eating habits, many are turning to protein as a go-to source of energy and nutrition, and whey protein is the preferred source for many food manufacturers and consumers alike.

2. You Don’t Want to be Behind the Curve

Since 2008, there’s been a 54% increase in the number of new products making high-protein claims, and in 2014 alone, 6% of all US food and beverage launches were marketed with a “high-protein” or “source of protein” claim. Other food and beverage manufacturers are capitalizing on the increased consumer demand for high-protein foods, and you’re only putting yourself at a disadvantage the longer you wait.

3. Whey Reigns Supreme as the Best Protein Option

When compared to the other popular protein sources like soy, rice, pea, and casein, whey protein is the clear-cut favorite in terms of protein quality and nutrition, amino acid score, taste, texture, and even appearance. Whey protein is known to provide a clean, neutral taste in food and beverage applications, whereas other protein sources often require flavor masking agents to conceal their flavor. If you’re looking for the highest quality source of protein with the best taste and texture attributes for enhancing your food and beverage products, there’s no better choice than whey. We even have the comparison study to prove it! 

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4. Incredible Health Benefits for Consumers of All Ages

Because whey protein is the highest quality source of protein available, you can imagine that it also has superior health benefits as well. Not only is whey a good fuel source for athletes looking to build and strengthen their muscles, but it also has many benefits for regular, non-athletic consumers as well. It’s an excellent source of amino acids, helps dieters manage their weight loss, and it’s also been proven to help increase bone density in elderly adults, lower cholesterol, and even reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and strokes.

5. Natural Production Process

Today’s consumers want more transparency about where their food comes from and what ingredients it’s made with, and shoppers are avoiding foods containing artificial ingredients, opting to seek out more natural, “better for you” alternatives. At Grande Custom Ingredients Group, we’re proud to make our natural whey protein products using only the freshest Grade A milk, and you’ll be happy to know that our production process uses zero chemical modifications, additives, preservatives, or antibiotics. Just because our products come in powdered and concentrate form, doesn’t mean they aren’t made with fresh, natural ingredients, and our whey production process uses many of the same techniques producers have been using for over 200 years.

6. Safe, Cost-Effective Substitute for Eggs

With recent reports saying it could take up to 2 years before the US egg industry is firing on all cylinders again following the latest Bird Flu outbreak, food manufacturers are looking for suitable alternatives to replace eggs in their products. To date, 47 million birds have been affected, with 35 million of those being egg-laying hens. Prices for eggs have seen a dramatic increase over the past few months, and many producers are even running out of their egg product supplies with no way to gain access to new egg sources. By using our Grande Bravo® whey protein concentrate, however, food manufacturers can replace their expensive egg ingredients with our safe, cost-effective whey protein, and won’t risk changing the taste, texture, or appearance of their product.

Want to learn more about the benefits of whey protein, and its potential use in your current product applications? Check out our applications page, or talk to some of our food science experts today. For a firsthand look at how you can use Grande Bravo® as an effective alternative to fresh eggs, download our Ranch Salad Dressing Application below.


Ranch Dressing Application