How to Use Whey Protein Concentrate to Make an Emulsion [Video]


The use of whey protein in an emulsion can provide added protein enhancements along with a creamy texture. Watch how it's done in this short video!

Video Transcript:

What is an emulsion? An emulsion is a stable mixture of fluids that don't typically mix - like oil and water. It's achieved when one of the fluids is divided into tiny droplets and incorporated into the other. Emulsions are critical for the creaminess of dressings, mayonnaise, dairy-based sauces and fillings. To make an emulsion, you could use a combination of water, eggs, and oil - or, you could use Grande Bravo®.

Here's a demonstration of Grande Bravo versus a control. The result? Egg yolk makes the control more yellow, but there's no difference in texture. The biggest difference you'll notice is the cost.

Don't mess around with expensive emulsifiers. Give Grande Bravo a try.

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