Bring Back the Snack: Consumers Adopt a New Attitude Toward Snacking

GRANDE_0335.jpgRemember when snacking used to be viewed as a weakness? How about getting scolded by your mother for snacking between meals? Sound familiar?

Snacking used to be seen as a guilty pleasure or cheating on your diet. Consumers were still sold on the idea that three square meals a day was the way to eat healthily, and everything else was just unnecessary calories. Fast forward to 2015, however, and consumers’ attitude towards snacking has changed completely. In fact, six small meals or healthy snacks daily is seen as ideal for the body.

Where snacking used to be frowned upon, it’s now a part of consumers’ daily nutrition plans as they use snacks to scale back on their heavy meals. According to the Nielsen Global Survey of Snacking, 91% of consumers say they snack at least once a day, and 21% are snacking 3-4 times daily! Likewise, 45% of global consumers say they use snacks as meal replacements, with breakfast being the most popular meal to replace.

If you think today’s consumers are replacing their meals with chips, chocolate bars, and other junk food, however, think again. With more and more consumers trying to make healthier lifestyle choices, food manufacturers have been tasked with creating more functional and nutritious snack foods. Protein, fiber, and whole grains are the main ingredients today’s consumers are looking for, and food manufacturers have been busy filling the shelves with snacks that feature a mixture of these superfoods. Whether it’s nutrition bars, snack mixes, or granola/cereal bars, consumers have a number of healthy snack options to choose from today, all capable of fitting their on-the-go lifestyles.

For food manufacturers looking to appeal to these health-conscious snackers, there are many opportunities to create more functional, nutritious snack foods. It might just be a matter of reformulating your current products, and there are several food fortifiers on the market to choose from. However, in order to formulate the most nutritious, best-tasting, and highest-quality snacks possible, the smart choice is Grande Custom Ingredients Group’s whey protein products.

Using Grande WPCrisp®, food manufacturers can add a protein boost and crunchy texture to their protein bars, snack mixes, cereal, and other crunchy applications. Our patented process ensures that our whey protein crisps are made to the highest level of food safety and quality, and these versatile crisps make the perfect replacement for any soy, corn, or rice crisps. Our 60% protein formulation is even available in natural dark cocoa, perfect for adding a chocolate flavor to your product. Best of all, WPCrisp’s clean dairy flavor complements the taste of the product’s primary ingredients.

To find out more about how our whey protein products can help you create delicious, lowfat snacks, check out our applications page or talk to one of our food scientists today!

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