4 Ways Whey Protein ‘Does It All’ for Health-Conscious Consumers

Protein-Does-It-All-for-Todays-Health-Conscious-ConsumersWhen you look at the different ways the world is changing, it seems like just about everything is being redesigned to be more efficient or to simply “do more.” Take a look at our cell phones, for example. Your phone doesn’t just make phone calls; it’s what you use to check emails, browse the web, take pictures and so much more. It’s not just a phone; it’s a Swiss Army knife of technology, and the more functionality it has, the more attractive it is to consumers – and the desire for increased functionality is not limited to electronic devices, of course.

Today’s consumers want food products that can do it all, too. In other words, they don’t just want something that tastes good; today’s shoppers want their food to satisfy three basic needs: taste, convenience, and price. Though the majority of food products meet at least two of the three requirements, the products that really stand out and fly off the shelves are the ones that can do all three. If you can make a healthy product that satisfies all three requirements, then you’ll hit a functionality grand slam.

One way to create nutritious foods that are convenient, taste great, and don’t cost consumers a fortune is by using whey protein ingredients in your products. Not only does whey protein have numerous health benefits for consumers; certain products like our natural whey protein ingredients, can actually improve taste and texture, all while optimizing ingredient costs. To help you understand the benefits of whey protein, here are 4 ways whey protein “does it all” for consumers:

More Nutritious…

First and foremost, whey protein has many health benefits for all consumer types. In addition to promoting lean muscle growth, protein has been proven to help with satiety and weight management, and can even help prevent strokes and promote healthy aging. It also provides a lean source of fuel to help consumers stay energized throughout the day, and contains all the essential amino acids that help aid in the growth, repair and maintenance of the body's muscles, organs and tendons, as well as to boost their immune system, metabolize fats and much more.

Better Tasting…

Though consumers might have the impression that low-fat, low-calorie products don’t taste as good as the original, our line of whey protein ingredients disprove that misconception. Of all the protein sources available to food manufacturers these days, nothing matches the clean, neutral taste of whey protein. You won’t have to use a flavor-masking agent with our products, and all of our whey protein ingredients are formulated with several different profiles so you can find the ideal match for your specific application. Just look at all the different flavor profiles for Grande Bravo®, for example.

Relative Functional Characteristics chart featuring Viscosity Upon Hydration, Viscosity Upon Heating, ph, flavor, and mouthfeel.

More Convenient…

As consumers look for more on-the-go foods that fit their busy “eat-whenever-you-have-time” schedules, whey protein ingredients provide shelf-stable solutions to help food manufacturers create healthy products that can be stored and eaten just about anywhere. Grande Primo™ dried yogurt and cultured dairy products, for example, provide the authentic yogurt flavor and texture consumers crave, without the handling and perishability worries of fresh yogurt. Our Y100 formulation even meets the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for yogurt prior to drying!

More Cost-Effective…

Not only are our whey protein ingredients more shelf-stable than their fresh counterparts; they can be more cost-effective as well. In addition to Grande Primo™ being a lower-cost alternative to fresh yogurt, Grande Bravo® can be used as a partial replacement for high-cost dairy ingredients like cream and cream cheese. 

To learn more about how Grande Custom Ingredients Group can help you create food products that “do it all” for your consumers, contact our food scientist experts!

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