The Best Whey to Solve Your Egg-Related Formulation Challenges

It’s time for food manufacturers to turn attention to solving issues like:

  • lost production time and spoilage
  • increased ingredient prices
  • consumer wariness over food safety
  • cage-free egg initiatives

To help you protect your bottom line and the safety of your products, we put together our “Egg Replacement 101” whitepaper. This valuable download outlines how Grande Custom Ingredients Group products can be the perfect egg replacement in specific applications such as dressings, mayonnaise, no-rise baked goods, and confectionery with Grande Bravo® and Grande Ultra® functional whey protein products.

To learn more about how our natural whey protein products can help you reduce or replace eggs in your specific applications, download our “Egg Replacement 101” whitepaper by filling out the form!

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