How to Reduce Costs, Clean Up Labels & Improve Nutrition

Consumers are demanding improved nutrition and clean labels, but they’re not willing to compromise flavor, mouthfeel or price. Many food manufacturers are responding by reformulating their products to appeal to this growing segment.

In the past, attempts to reduce fat, calories and cost resulted in disappointing textures and “off” flavors. Using a proprietary process, Grande Bravo® functional whey protein overcomes these challenges in a wide variety of applications such as frozen entrees, soups, sauces, dips, dressings, fillings and spreads.

See a real-life example of how Grande Bravo functional whey protein concentrate helped one large food manufacturer:

  • Clean up labels by using a simpler, natural ingredient

  • Reduce fat and calories

  • Significantly reduce costs by replacing high-cost ingredients like cream and NFDM

  • Improve texture and mouthfeel

  • Maintain a freeze-thaw stable product

  • And more!

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