How Whey Proteins Add Nutritious Appeal to Frozen Meals

whey-proteins-frozen-meals.jpgConsumers have long viewed frozen food aisles in grocery stores as catering to convenience and little else. The typical sodium-laden, refined carb-intensive ready-made meal selections simply don’t align anymore with their desire for fresh, highly nutritious foods that support their healthy lifestyles.

The better-for-you trend in consumer preferences isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, leaving ready-made meal manufacturers in a quandary: how to balance the competing consumer priorities of health and convenience.

Natural Challenge

Many food suppliers are turning to all-natural ingredients that boost fiber and protein while managing carbs and calories. The from-the-kitchen-pantry quality is appealing to consumers, as are the easy to understand foods: whole grains, colorful vegetables and lean meats. These ready-made meals tick the boxes for convenience and nutrition, but adding more, typically expensive ingredients drives up costs and poses another manufacturer dilemma: generally higher price points and potentially lower market share.

Natural Solution

Thankfully, manufacturers aren’t left with an either/or proposition when it comes to ingredients selection that could threaten nutrition, competitive advantage or profitability.

Whey protein ingredients like Grande Bravo® functional whey proteins give manufacturers an all-natural solution to producing quality, convenient and cost-effective frozen meals that meet consumer expectations including:

  • Protein-rich food choices that recent studies suggest help prevent osteoporosis, slow aging through preservation of glutathione and other essential tri-peptides, and speed metabolism and fat oxidation.
  • Consumption confidence through sought-after “clean” labels and easily recognizable ingredients.
  • Uncompromised and possibly improved taste, appearance and texture.

Grande Bravo is a natural, functional whey protein concentrate that:

  • Is designed to be low-fat, low-cost alternative to high-fat, high-cost dairy ingredients like cream, butter, fat and cream cheese -- popular items that health-conscious people actively avoid.
  • Is an ideal substitute for eggs.
  • Reduces reliance on starches and emulsifiers.
  • Introduces water-holding capabilities that enhance food texture and provide an unparalleled creamy mouthfeel.
  • Has freeze-thaw stability, making it perfect for frozen meals.
  • Meets all USDA/FDA, Kosher Dairy and EU requirements and certifications, and is made in our SQF Level III-certified facility.

Perceptions of grocery store frozen food aisles are changing, especially since food manufacturers are choosing to include whey proteins in their ready-made meals to keep nutritious food convenient and affordable -- and consumers satisfied.

For more on the versatility of Grande Bravo and our other natural whey protein products, download the Top 10 Reasons to Use Whey Protein tip sheet. Click the button below to download your free copy.

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