How Whey Protein Will Help Food Manufacturers Keep Up With the Evolution of Eating

iStock_000063966921_Large.jpgIf you’ve noticed consumers’ eating habits changing over the past decade and more, you aren’t mistaken. According to a report by Acosta Sales & Marketing titled, "The Evolution of Eating," consumers’ relationship with food and eating is indeed changing, and you can thank cultural changes and technological advances for reshaping our eating habits.

“The way our society views food has come a long way since the TV dinner heyday of the 1950s,” said Colin Stewart, senior vice-president of Acosta, in an interview with Food Business News. “From sharing recipes and photos of food on social media to a widespread fixation on healthy food and fads, we have seen a seismic shift in consumers’ attitudes toward food. Eating has evolved right along with society, and consumer brands and retailers must consider the dynamics, demands, and preferences of today’s modern family to deliver success food and meal solutions.”

What exactly are those dynamics, demands, and preferences that food manufacturers must deliver upon? According to the report, nothing has had a bigger impact than consumers’ desire to improve their health and wellness.

“Better educated about the connection between diet and wellness and armed with smart phone apps and Google, consumers are taking a healthier approach to eating,” says the report. “From the entry of fresh format stores to the expansion of fresh food offerings in traditional grocery stores, to the growth of neighborhood farmers markets…the impact of health and wellness on eating has been transformative.”

When you consider all these things, along with the historically high obesity rates in the United States, it’s no wonder why consumers have such an increased desire to eat healthier, better-for-you foods and live more active lifestyles. And given their instant access to information these days, they’re more knowledgeable about what they’re eating than ever before. In order to keep up with and meet consumers’ evolving demands, food manufacturers should take the opportunity to present consumers with healthier, more natural products, and they can do so by incorporating healthier, natural ingredients (such as whey protein) into their products.

At Grande Custom Ingredients Group, we’ve been helping food and beverage manufacturers capitalize on this for years, and our experience and expertise has helped us become industry leaders in natural whey protein ingredients. As Innovators of Dairy-Based Food Ingredients™, we offer a full line of innovative dairy-based whey protein ingredients that can enhance a variety of manufacturers’ applications.

Grande Bravo® whey protein concentrate, for example, is a functional whey protein ingredient that can be used to reduce or replace premium ingredients such as cream, butter, cream cheese, and even eggs, resulting in products that are lower in fat and also lower in cost to manufacture. When compared to other whey protein concentrates, Bravo’s superior water-holding functionality makes it the clear-cut favorite for maintaining and even enhancing a product’s natural mouthfeel, texture, and flavor in wide variety of applications, from soups and sauces to dressings, dips, and desserts. Just look at how it compares to the competition in real life:

Want a firsthand look at how Grande Bravo® can be used in various applications? Download our Grande Bravo® Application Impact Analysis to learn more about how Grande Bravo® functional whey proteins can help you cut your products’ fat and calories, while also reducing your manufacturing cost.

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