Dairy in Processed Meat. Here’s Why Manufacturers Should Consider It


Many value-added meat product facilities already have dairy products among their ingredient SKUs. Take, for example, those that produce Parmesan-encrusted chicken or pre-packaged entrees with creamy sides.

These facilities are set up to accept dairy products, but might be missing an opportunity that a unique whey ingredient could bring to their products. Manufacturers often leverage dairy for its ability to add flavor and creaminess, but are not accustomed to hearing that a dairy ingredient can help improve a meat product's flavor, mouthfeel and yield.

One whey ingredient innovation is making processed meat producers take a second look: hydrolyzed whey protein.

Achieve More Yield in Meat Applications

Ground and processed meat applications shrink in volume during the cooking process, meaning less saleable volume. “Even a 1% increase in yield for meat products can be valuable,” says Kevin Williams, Technical Sales Manager at Grande Custom Ingredients Group. “When I tell a producer that including Grande Festo hydrolyzed whey protein in their meat application can increase its yield by 1-4% or more, they’re hard-pressed to believe it. Once they’re willing to actually look at the data that proves it and try a side-by-side demo, they’re pleasantly surprised.”

The increased yield made possible with Grande FestoTM is due to its ability to minimize purge when cooked. Most meat applications lose moisture when heated, but Grande Festo holds the protein and moisture molecules in suspension, minimizing moisture loss. “Meat protein is usually the most expensive part of a formulation,” said Williams. “Holding on to as much of it as possible is a huge benefit.”

Enhance Texture and Umami Flavor

Retaining moisture not only delivers more saleable volume, it also helps create a juicier texture and tender bite. While there are numerous ingredients on the market that make yield-enhancing claims, many result in a dry or chewy texture. 

Furthermore, many are not perceived as clean label or may be classified as fillers or binders, minimizing their appeal to consumers. Grande Festo hydrolyzed whey protein is not classified as a filler or binder and is a trusted and recognized ingredient by consumers.

There are a lot of products that claim to improve the texture of meat applications or increase yield. Grande Festo, however, also delivers savory umami flavors and juiciness: two key attributes desired in ground meat applications. Formulators don’t need to invest in masking agents because Grande Festo doesn’t contribute negative flavors. Instead, it allows meaty flavors to shine through.


Let Us Prove It to You — Request a Demo

Producers of ground meat applications can request a demo to see the quality improvement of Grande Festo for themselves. Grande Custom Ingredients Group’s application specialists will work closely with your company’s R&D team to formulate demos showing Grande Festo versus a control. Meatballs are a good example; they can easily be heated in a microwave in order to see the reduction in purge, and your team can experience the difference in meat flavor and texture. 

Contact our team today to talk with a formulation specialist and request a demo showing how Grande Festo will work in your unique application.

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