Enhance Your Products With Grande Bravo®

Functional Whey Protein

Today’s consumers are looking for a distinct combination of nutrition, taste, convenience, quality, and price on grocery store shelves. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer them a product that can easily satisfy each of those requirements?

Grande Bravo functional whey protein concentrate allows formulators to reduce or replace several high-cost, high-fat ingredients in their applications while maintaining – or enhancing – the product’s natural mouthfeel, texture, and flavor in a wide variety of applications.

Want to know how it works? We put together our Grande Bravo Application Impact Analysis, which provides a firsthand look at how Grande Bravo can be used to reduce or replace various premium ingredients such as cream, egg, and cheese.

To learn more about how Grande Bravo functional whey proteins can help you cut your products’ fat and calories – and reduce your cost to manufacture – download our Grande Bravo Application Impact Analysis by filling out the form!

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