New Ingredient Retains Freshness in Sweet Baked Goods


Fresh-baked goods produced in food service, grocery stores, convenience stores, quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) and other establishments with in-house bakeries, typically lose moisture over time, resulting in dry textures. 

A new, innovative ingredient has been proven to help increase and retain indulgent textures and freshness in sweet baked goods on day one and throughout their intended shelf lives.

Grande Custom Ingredients Group recently introduced clean-label Grande DuratoTM, a proprietary whey protein concentrate that performs unlike any other dried whey product. It replaces up to 100% of dried dairy products like nonfat dried milk (NFDM) to improve moisture retention in cookies, cakes, muffins, bars and pastries. Grande Durato is suitable for frozen or fresh dough and dry mixes.

Grande Durato Analysis & Sensory Panel Results

A test was conducted to prove Grande Durato’s ability to improve quality in sweet baked goods. Two sugar cookie formulations were prepared in which the Grande Durato version replaced 100% of the NFDM at a .5 ratio. The dough was frozen into pucks, similar to common applications for in-house bakeries, then baked. 

A sensory panel scored each version for major sensory attributes, and a technical analysis was performed to determine distinctions and moisture content over time. The Grande Durato cookie outperformed the control with the following results:

  • >5% more moisture through baking and better moisture retention throughout the product’s shelf life
  • Softer and chewier on day one
  • 33% softer and chewier than the control on days three and five
  • Reduced spread
  • Clean, desirable flavor

Indulgent textures in sweet baked goods are an indicator of quality, with 86% of consumers preferring cookies that are “soft and bendy.” When in-store bakeries can retain desirable textures over time, the opportunities for additional sales and revenue increase.

How is Grande Durato Made?

In addition to great flavor, texture and functionality, formulators and food scientists are often concerned about where their ingredients come from. Grande Durato is a clean-label ingredient that uses zero chemical modifications in its production. Like all ingredients from Grande Custom Ingredients Group, Durato is considered a natural, upcycled ingredient, derived from the traditional cheesemaking process. 

Grande Custom Ingredients Group follows a strict chain of custody, and our products are produced in the heart of the Midwest using the highest-quality milk from dedicated dairies. 

In-store bakeries at grocery stores, convenience stores, and retail outlets often struggle to maintain freshness without sacrificing texture, mouthfeel, or flavor. Food service providers, such as hotels and quick-serve restaurants, also face this challenge as they often offer baked goods prepared from frozen pucks or dough. Grande Durato ensures a soft, moist texture and delightful mouthfeel from day one and beyond.

To learn more and request samples, contact our team today. We’ll help you optimize your formulation with real ingredients that are readily available and relied upon by leading brands.

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