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How to Evaluate your ingredient solution partner [VIDEO]

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Expert Grande Custom Ingredients Group food scientistsYou turn to your ingredient solution partner for safe, quality and economical solutions to your formulation or reformulation challenges. Nearly all ingredient suppliers can check those boxes, so how do you choose the right one to work with?

Pay attention to what suppliers offer their customers. If they don’t go beyond the basics, there may be cause for concern. A supplier interested in truly partnering with you provides opportunities for you to leverage their knowledge, experience and passion when formulating products that will delight customers and differentiate your brand from the competition.

A few simple questions will help reveal which ingredient suppliers are simply vendors, and which are dedicated partners:

  • Does the depth of experience and certifications possessed by the ingredient supplier team coincide with your needs?
  • Do the ingredient supplier’s solutions balance formulation needs, trends, innovations, cost and special ingredient transparency considerations?
  • Has the ingredient supplier earned a reputation for excellent customer service? Do they offer advanced technical, technological and testing capabilities and support?

Not only can you confidently answer “yes” to these questions when evaluating Grande Custom Ingredients Group as a potential partner, you’ll also gain a team of experts who are fully committed to teamwork. Darian Fuselier, Grande Custom Ingredients Group National Sales Manager, explains:

It’s a team approach [VIDEO OVERVIEW]

Darian Fuselier, National Sales Manager at Grande Custom Ingredients Group, heads up a team that includes four technical sales managers with diverse backgrounds in food processing and food technology ranging from, as he puts it “15-plus years in R&D, 15-plus years with Grande, and deep knowledge of the nutritional side of the business.”

He goes on to discuss how this wide-ranging experience serves Grande Custom Ingredients Group’s customers:

“If we come across a customer with a specific application that may be a little bit out of what our immediate team is used to, and that we know another technical sales manager has experience in, we will collaborate with that technical sales manager as well to help solve that customer’s problem.

You don’t just get myself or one of our technical sales managers or the application team. You truly get the whole team of Grande working on your product. Everyone is part of the team, both internally and externally so, for example, when a customer calls and wants to talk to one of our application scientists, we absolutely make them 100 percent available.”

Fuselier also acknowledges the gratification that comes with being part of a customer-focused team. “When you’ve been working on something for a year and a half or two years and a product finally hits the grocery store shelf — well, you walk in there and know that you had a little something to do with that,” he says. “It makes me feel very proud.”

Choosing a reputable ingredient supplier is imperative for ensuring food safety, quality and adherence to best practices. However, not every supplier provides the intangible value-add of dedicating their entire knowledgeable team to your success. Only true ingredient supplier partners will go the extra mile—like addressing the formulation benefits and challenges your R&D team encounters when they incorporate the top food trends we explore in our latest infographic. Click the button below to learn more.

Infographic: 5 Trends That Could Affect Your Formulation


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