How to Add Protein to Gummies and Snacks

gummy-vitamins.jpgThis is the third in our series of blog posts that answer questions we’ve received about Grande Custom Ingredients Group’s products and services. This post highlights the questions we’re asked about whey protein in tablets and bars, and about heat and its effect on formulations. If you’ve got a challenge related to these topics, read on!

Q: Can whey protein be used in chewable tablets and other alternate food applications?

A: Yes, whey protein can be used to deliver protein in nontraditional applications such as chewable tablets and even gummies. The best product for these types of applications is Grande Ultra® WPI (whey protein isolate) because its clean, neutral flavor allows you to formulate products that contain protein, but that don’t have a strong whey protein flavor. Grande Ultra is also a great way to add protein to dough, bars, breads and other product types consumers are beginning to look to as new sources of protein.

Q: How is whey protein used in nutrition bars?

A: There are two main ways protein can be added to a bar using whey protein, and the use of one over the other is based primarily by the texture you’re looking for. If you want to add a crispy/crunchy texture, use Grande WPCrisp® whey protein crisps in your formulation. Grande WPCrisps contain 60 or 70% protein and can be used to make a high quality bar that has excellent eating quality. Another way to add protein to bars is to make add Grande Ultra® WPI to a bar’s nougat to get 20 grams of protein per serving. Grande Ultra has a clean, neutral taste that complements rather than competes with other flavors in the bar.

Q: How does heat affect Grande Bravo®?

A: Grande Bravo is durable in many different processing systems where heat is added, and in all cases its functionality remains consistent. Grande Bravo works well in a variety of applications requiring heating, such as soups, sauces, dips and spreads. The water holding capability of Grande Bravo is what provides its remarkable functionality and, unlike other functional ingredients, is not impacted by heat. Grande Bravo maintains its functionality through multiple cycles of heat (and even freeze-thaw) so that the quality is maintained throughout the supply chain to ensure optimum flavor and mouthfeel. Grande Bravo also works well in different processing equipment used in a kettle cook and retort facilities. 

What questions do you have for us? We’re always happy to help food and beverage manufacturers work to solve their formulation challenges using one of our whey protein ingredients, so reach out and we’ll roll up our sleeves!

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