WPCrisp® Industry Insights Whitepaper

Savory, salty snack foods are the most popular snack category in the snack food industry. Unfortunately, they aren’t exactly known for their nutrition. For snack food manufacturers looking to create nutritious alternatives to their savory snacks, our WPCrisp Industry Insights Whitepaper has everything you need to find a solution.

Inside, you’ll find news about the latest happenings in the savory snacks industry, advice for meeting consumer demand, as well as two real recipes in which Grande WPCrisp is used to create savory snack clusters. You’ll have all the information you need to recreate these snacks for yourself, while also experimenting with your own products.

To find out more about how WPCrisp can give your savory snacks the protein boost consumers are looking for, download our WPCrisp Industry Insights Whitepaper by filling out the form!

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