Add Authentic Yogurt Flavor and Texture to a Wide Variety of Applications

ShopperLooking for a convenient, cost-effective way to keep up with the consumer demand for yogurt-enhanced products? You’ve come to the right place! Grande Primo™ is a line of dried yogurt and cultured dairy products that provides authentic yogurt flavor and textural properties in a wide variety of applications.

Using the highest quality Grade A dairy ingredients from our producer dairy farms, we’re able to create the best dried yogurt and cultured dairy products available. And because our Primo line is both shelf- and freeze-thaw stable in applications, it’s perfect to use in products like:

  • Dips

  • Dressings

  • Smoothies

  • Snack Bar Coatings

  • And much more!

To find out more about why food manufacturers are in love with Grande Primo, just fill out the form to watch our 1-minute product video, Grande Primo: Shelf-Stable Alternatives to Fresh Yogurt.

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