See How Whey Protein Can Help You Lower and Stabilize Ingredient Costs


Tired of rising ingredient costs messing up the formulation of your products? It’s one of the biggest problems food manufacturers face today. However, what if we told you there was a way to lower and stabilize your ingredient costs, while maintaining the same texture, flavor, and appearance as your original formulation?

By downloading our Cost Savings Guide for Food Manufacturers, we’ll show you how whey protein can effectively replace costly ingredients in your food and beverage applications. We compared the average market price of whey protein to the market high, low, and 2015 average of 10 commonly used ingredients, and you’ll be surprised at how much whey protein can help you save. We even included 8 real life recipes that you can recreate in your own test kitchen to see just how effective our whey protein products can be.

Want to learn more about how our natural whey protein products can help you save? Download our Cost Savings Guide by filling out the form!

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