Satiety and Snacking: High Protein Products Continue to Attract Consumers

iStock_000059819194_Large.jpgFor anyone who’s ever been on a diet, some of the hardest things to do are maintaining healthy portions and avoiding unhealthy snacks. As the home of the super-sized value meal, Americans aren’t exactly known as portion control experts, and when we get hungry between meals, we usually crave something sweet or salty, and that’s rarely good for us. With more and more people starting to change their snacking habits and get serious about eating healthy, however, many consumers are turning to products that make them feel fuller longer—particularly products that have a high protein content. 

Of the many reasons why consumers are drawn to high protein products, their ability to make consumers feel satiated, while still being a lean, low-fat energy source is a key factor in what makes them so desirable with today’s health-conscious shoppers. Products like protein-rich smoothies, sports drinks, granola bars, yogurt, and other foods and beverages have flown off the shelves in recent years, as more than half of Americans say they’re trying to get more protein in their diets. 

Likewise, with consumers starting to eat more snacks and on-the-go meals to fit with their busy lifestyles, protein-rich products are extra desirable given their ability to help satisfy hunger, while keeping portion sizes small and fat and calories low. In a recent study by the University of Missouri, researchers discovered that snacks formulated with protein not only keep consumers fuller longer, but they also affect their food choices for the rest of the day.

In the study, male and female teenagers were assigned to eat a different afternoon snack for 4 days, with testing to be conducted after the final day. One group ate a protein-rich pudding, one group ate a snack with a “typical” high-fat nutrition profile, and the last group ate nothing. After 4 days of observations, researchers found that those who ate the traditional snack or no snack at all consumed 20-30% more snacks later in the evening, and were also hungry for their evening meal 20 minutes sooner than the group who ate the protein-rich pudding. As consumers seek functional snacks that are filling enough to tide them over to their next meal, those that are rich in protein are clearly the best option.

Grande Custom Ingredients Group offers several natural whey protein products that food and beverage manufacturers can use to boost the protein content of their offerings, while also providing clean label benefits and maintaining taste and texture to best satisfy consumers. 

Grande WPCrisp® Whey Protein Crisp

Looking for a crispy protein boost to add to your snack product? Our whey protein crisps deliver a high-quality source of whey protein, and can be seasoned, coated, or mixed with other ingredients for use in snack bars and other products. WPCrisp can also be used in combination with or as a substitute for soy, corn, or rice crisps, and our 60% protein is even available in natural dark cocoa. To learn how WPCrisp can add a crunchy, protein boost to your nutrition bars, snack mixes, cereals, and more, click here

Grande Ultra® Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

If you’re looking to add a protein boost to your sports drink or nutritional shake, Grande Ultra is the perfect solution. Containing the highest levels of essential amino acids, our WPI is perfect for consumers looking to refuel after a workout or manage their weight. In addition to all of its nutritional benefits, our specially produced isolate is an industry leader in taste and turbidity—allowing you to create a drink that’s fortified with protein, while also achieving a clean, neutral flavor and the best clarity available over a wide pH range. To learn more about how Ultra can help add a protein boost to your sports drink, fruit drink, or nutritional supplement, click here.

For more information about how whey protein can help you attract health-conscious consumers and keep them coming back for more, download our Nutritional Applications Brochure below or contact one of our food scientists.

Nutritional Applications Brochure