Emphasizing Health Benefits with Whey Protein [Video]

Whey-Protein-Benefits.jpgLet’s face it: there’s no one size fits all solution to being healthy. It takes a balanced diet, weekly exercise, and even smart sleeping habits to live a truly healthy lifestyle. That being said, as part of a healthy diet, there are certain foods and ingredients that provide extraordinary health benefits for consumers, and whey protein is one of those ingredients. 

From weight loss and maintenance to anti-aging, whey protein is a superfood in every sense of the word. In fact, here’s a quick breakdown of the many health benefits food and beverage manufacturers should emphasize when using whey protein in their products:

Weight Loss/Maintenance

When most people hear the words “whey protein,” they think of the protein powders athletes and body builders use to build lean muscle. However, not only is whey protein just good for building muscle, it also has a myriad of other health benefits that can help consumers with weight loss and maintenance. For example, protein has been shown to increase the feeling of being full after a meal, while also reducing blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. It can also be used as a substitute for high-fat, high-calorie ingredients like cream and butter, which lowers the overall fat content of your products.


In addition to its weight loss and maintenance benefits, whey protein is the perfect ingredient to use in products that promote anti-aging benefits. As our bodies get older, it becomes harder and harder to build muscle and strengthen your bones. Whey protein’s high BCAA concentration makes it easy for older adults to do both of those things. Upping whey protein intake also increases glutathione production, known by some as “The Mother of All Antioxidants”. Likewise, consuming whey protein also boosts the thermogenesis process in your body, which speeds up metabolism.


With natural, healthy foods made without any artificial ingredients being in high demand with today’s consumers, you’ll be happy to know that whey protein is completely natural, and made without any chemical modifications, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or antibiotics. In fact, whey is just a by-product of milk during the cheese making process! It can be used to replace less-than-healthy, artificial ingredients in your applications, leading to cleaner labels and more satisfied consumers. In addition to being all-natural, whey protein is also an excellent protein source for those avoiding red meat and other animal proteins, making it perfect for vegetarian consumers.

For a quick and comprehensive recap of the health benefits of whey protein watch the video below. This is a good resource to share with others to show how their food or beverage products can improve nutrition in a natural way.



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