Brands Turn to Natural Whey Protein as They Cut Ties with Artificial Ingredients

Grande BravoIt’s been all over the news for the past few months: a slew of companies are ditching artificial ingredients in favor of more natural alternatives. From well-known store brands like Nestlé and Kraft to restaurant chains like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, the entire U.S. food industry is seeing a shift in momentum for fewer artificial ingredients and cleaner labels.

As consumers demand fewer artificial ingredients and more transparency about where their food comes from and what it’s made with, food and beverage manufacturers have been wise to answer their demands. Nielsen reports that 49% of today’s households are consciously avoiding artificial flavors and colors, and 60% say the absence of artificial ingredients is important to their food purchase decisions. If food manufacturers want to stay relevant with today’s health-conscious shoppers, it’s clear that they’ll have to meet their healthier demands. 

Darian Fuselier, National Sales Manager at Grande Custom Ingredients Group, says consumer demand is the largest driver of change for removing artificial ingredients. “Given the way consumers react to things like artificial ingredients these days, removing them from your products is more than just a PR stunt – it’s a selling point. Many of today’s consumers are willing to pay a premium for more natural products, and manufacturers are simply missing out if they aren’t taking advantage.”

That being said, while it might seem easy for food manufacturers to simply replace their artificial ingredients with something more natural, in reality, there are many formulation challenges that formulators will have to overcome. Despite having a cleaner label, consumers will still expect your food to taste like the original formulation – a task that’s easier said than done when changing ingredients.

With more and more brands looking for ways to improve their product’s ingredients without straying too far from the product consumers fell in love with, many brands are turning to whey protein ingredients as a natural source of nutrition. Not only is whey protein made with a natural production process free of any chemical modifications, but it also possess a clean, neutral taste that won’t change the flavor of your original application. Whereas other protein sources require the use of flavor-masking agents, whey protein’s taste is virtually non-existent, allowing food manufacturers to improve the product’s nutrition without changing the flavor.

Our Grande Bravo® functional whey protein concentrate is made using only the freshest Grade A milk, and our production process involves zero chemical modifications, artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, or antibiotics. It’s available in 7 different formulations, each one providing a different flavor, mouthfeel, viscosity, and pH level to better match your original formulation. 

Relative Functional Characteristics of Grande Bravo

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It’s the ideal ingredient for replacing high-fat, high-cost dairy ingredients like cream, butter, fat, starches, or emulsifiers, and it’s also a safe, cost-effective alternative to fresh eggs. Just because our products come in powdered and concentrate form, doesn’t mean they’re not made with fresh, natural ingredients, and Bravo’s unique water-holding capabilities and range of flavor profiles make it one of the best in the industry when it comes it creating a natural, low-fat formulation that has the same taste, texture, and appearance as the original.

To find out more about how Grande Bravo® can add a natural protein boost to your product line, please contact our team of food scientists or check out our Online Solution Finder

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