Thinking Outside the (Cereal) Box: Formulating BFY Breakfast Offerings

GRANDE_0335.jpgIt’s hard to deny the fact that the average consumer’s lifestyle is quite a bit different today than it was in years past. Consumers are now busier than ever and often have to adapt to a fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle to meet the demands of their day-to-day commitments and activities. For most people, skipping the traditional sit-down breakfast mealtime is an easy corner to cut to put a little extra time back into their hectic schedules.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that consumers are skipping breakfast altogether; instead, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of people relying on fast food offerings or snacks in place of breakfast. And since we all know that eating breakfast comes with a bevy of health benefits (it is the most important meal of the day, after all), substituting a hearty breakfast for a light snack just doesn’t exactly cut it.

For that reason, the changing way that consumers are now approaching breakfast presents a big opportunity for food manufacturers to offer better-for-you breakfast products that promote more of the classic nutritional benefits that breakfast is known for. Instead of turning to fast food and snacks that are often full of sugar and lack certain nutritional appeal, consumers can benefit from having more functional breakfast offerings to choose from.

Whether formulators take advantage of this opportunity by choosing to refine their current products or develop new ones, food manufacturers should carefully consider the ingredients that they’ll ultimately include in their applications. Ideally, new or refined products will feature ingredients that not only enhance the products’ health, but that provide an extra benefit to the application as well. Grande Custom Ingredients Group, innovators of dairy-based food ingredients, offers a full line of whey protein products that can do just that for a variety of applications.

In fact, we have “the best whey” to add a boost of protein to your breakfast cereals, nutrition bars, snack mixes, and more with Grande WPCrisp® whey protein crisps. Not only does WPCrisp add protein to your formulations, but it also enhances the product’s texture with an extra crunch that so many consumers desire. And since formulators have long known that the sensory experience is key to a product’s success, you can’t beat the added crunchy textural benefits of WPCrisp!

Grande WPCrisp® is the ideal ingredient to build better-for-you breakfast offerings. Because it’s made with whey protein, WPCrisp offers the highest quality protein source versus other crisps and its clean, neutral flavor will complement your original product’s intended flavor – no masking required!

Ready to see how Grande WPCrisp can benefit your applications? Check out our applications page or talk to one of our food scientists today!


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