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Finding Ingredient Solutions to Overcome Price Fluctuations

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Extreme price volatility can create headaches for food processors. In 2016 alone, the price of Class III cheese rose from just under $13 per hundred weight in May to nearly $17 only three months later. As dairy prices continue to be unstable and, in some cases, reach record highs, the pressure is on food manufacturers to produce the same high-quality products while keeping their prices under control.

As a result, many food manufacturers are looking for ingredient solutions that will reduce costs and volatility without sacrificing the quality their consumers have come to expect.

Class III milk Prices 2012-2017.png

The chart above demonstrates the price fluctuations of Class III milk over the past five years. From 2013 to present, markets have experienced significant volatility, reaching all-time highs near $25 per hundred weight in 2014 to half that much in 2016, then back up again. Finding quality alternative ingredients to mitigate the ever-changing pricetag of dairy products will continue to be a priority of food manufacturers.


A Solution to Fluctuating Dairy Prices

Grande Bravo® functional whey proteins help our customers manage or reduce ingredient costs by reducing the need for volatile and expensive dairy ingredients such as cream, butter and NFDM in a formulation, while maintaining the product’s creamy mouthfeel. While other ingredient prices might fluctuate, Grande Bravo’s price point remains stable, regardless of market conditions for other ingredients. This price stability allows manufacturers to use the same recipe and consistent formulation, without having to worry about reformulating due to rising ingredient costs. 

Here’s an example of how well Grande Bravo works as a dairy ingredient replacement:

In a spinach and artichoke dip project, we replaced some of the expensive dairy ingredients in the formulation with Grande Bravo 500 and water. Looking for a solution to help combat the increasingly volatile prices of dairy products, Grande Custom Ingredients Group proposed that the customer use a formula of 10% Grande Bravo 500 and water to replace 50% of the sour cream, mayonnaise and cream cheese used in the formulation.



The modification to the formulation resulted in significant overall savings in dairy ingredient costs. Equally important, the dip’s rich, creamy mouthfeel was maintained. In addition, the new formulation resulted in 50% less fat and 23% fewer calories compared to the original formulation.


Maintaining Functionality

Grande Custom Ingredients Group’s Food Technologists say that this functionality is a surprise to food scientists the first time they see Grande Bravo. “Grande Bravo is a whey protein concentrate and when customers hear that term they think, ‘That’s a commodity.’ They don’t realize that our product is functional – they don’t understand its water holding capability, and they certainly don’t think that it can create the consistency of cream cheese when it is mixed with water.”

The functionality of Grande Bravo is not the result of any chemical modification of the whey protein concentrate – Grande Bravo is produced in a proprietary process and is a Grade A dairy product, allowing for manufacturers to still claim it as an all-natural ingredient. 

In addition to creamy applications like soups, sauces, dressings, dips and spreads, Grande Bravo can also be used in bakery and confectionery as well as frozen desserts, processed meats, and coatings and seasonings.

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